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At the time I'm writing this, it's been way over a year since any meaningful content was posted to this forum. Also, the last and final version of I Hate Mountains was released almost three years ago. Which is why I believe it is time to definitely pull the plug on this forum which is going to remain in a readonly format from now on.

A warm 'thank you' to everyone that contributed to this project in a way or another! If you really need to contact the team, feel free to shoot us an email, our contact information is right here : http://www.ihatemountains.com/contact-us/
– The I Hate Mountains Team

#1 2010-08-15 21:42:32

Registered: 2010-07-23

Second Impressions :)

One thing I wanted to mention in the first but forgot was the charming use of the particle effect for fireflies ("lightning bugs").  I've never seen real ones so they add a unique quality to the map, beauty & dread contrasted.
  I don't know if you figured a way out to add these particles yourself (obviously from the smoker) or if they are borrowed from L4D2  (set in the south, their natural habitat... but WHATEVER... I LIKE THEM. 

2.  I found a totally different path myself at the start.  Nearly all maps created are UNIdirectional at the start.  Go the wrong way and there's blockage. So that was way cool as is all the water in the swampy area on the way to the mansion.

3. Using the STAY FAR TO THE RIGHT as POSSIBLE of the chopper has kept me from EVER repeating getting stuck in the wreckage. (In reality would one really try to flee right INTO into a smoldering crashed helicopter ?)  Sharp wreckage, burning fuel, no.. I'd steer clear in reality.
  So if anyone has that problem they need to be sure they find the stone wall (which is too far right and follow it the first place low enough to jump across and they'll never get stuck.)  Five times through now and I've never been stuck since the first time I blundered into the burning chopper which, incidentally, is the coolest way I've seen yet to open a "gate" from an "arena."

4.  I HATE MOUNTAINS has become an "official" map on as I cycle through the standard maps (choosing a different character each time to keep the dialog different). It is more challenging but that is what makes it MORE FUN.  It also is not so linear.  Putting on par (actually above) my regular map choices is the highest possible praise.  Valve assumed that user created scenarios ("map" just doesn't capture the complexity involved) would abound (how could they not realize the obvious complexity & creativity required to for this new kind of game play?)  It really FEELS & PLAYS like an "official" map.  I think that is why this map has generated so much buzz.  You've done a professional job.  Since L4D2 has HIGHER system requirements thus would lag I'd LOVE more maps of this quality that fit in the original L4D performance budget.

(Oh and I don't mind sending you a few bucks to support you creating more maps of this kind of quality which has got to be frustrating work.)  "Support what you like" is a mantra of mine.   

5.  It had to be YOU put in the very amusing graffiti about "Watch out for the Hoodie..he.. wants to touch your nipples."  Great comic relief.  As he does start tearing at your shirt.
---------------------------------- minor gripes (not problems)--------------
A.  It is still VERY easy to get lost in the crane section after moving the switch.  Whereas the bridge coming down CLEARLY opens a route and crane doesn't (unless you're looking at it which I will do on the next run through.) I can understand that give the reality of the situation one might get lost naturally so it's a fairly lame gripe. 

  Of course I SHOULD just watch the crane to see what it does but we're usually defending our our rears from the attack.  There is no canned dialog for this also since it is improvised putting an arrow would be contrived as an IMPROVISED route / shortcut. So I guess I'll live with it.   Besides, in a previous post I complained that the "standard" maps were TOO directed so I don't to be a hypocrite. 

Okay... after playing MANY more times since my earlier posts I think I can give a real unqualified "BRAVO".

.......excuse me while I kiss the sky!
                             - Jimi Hendrix


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