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At the time I'm writing this, it's been way over a year since any meaningful content was posted to this forum. Also, the last and final version of I Hate Mountains was released almost three years ago. Which is why I believe it is time to definitely pull the plug on this forum which is going to remain in a readonly format from now on.

A warm 'thank you' to everyone that contributed to this project in a way or another! If you really need to contact the team, feel free to shoot us an email, our contact information is right here : http://www.ihatemountains.com/contact-us/
– The I Hate Mountains Team

#1 2011-04-18 12:48:45

Registered: 2011-04-18

How did you fix the sound bug?


First of all!

Great campaign you made there!

I have a question. It would be kind if you could answer it as its not about your campaign.

I played Death Aboard and Suicide Blitz the other day and there seems to be a bug sometimes but not always.

Its like a sound bug. That when you shoot a zombie that you get some crashing sound  like some boxes are breaking in the background.

Either it happens from the start or it doesnt happen at all but if it happens at the start then it happens for the whole map sometimes for the whole campaign.

I was reading that it was a known bug from valve but that you guys managed to fix it.

Someone told me that I have to remove it in the sound file list but I dont know where to find it.

Would be cool if you could help me!

Thanks in advance and for the great campaign you made ! big_smile

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