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At the time I'm writing this, it's been way over a year since any meaningful content was posted to this forum. Also, the last and final version of I Hate Mountains was released almost three years ago. Which is why I believe it is time to definitely pull the plug on this forum which is going to remain in a readonly format from now on.

A warm 'thank you' to everyone that contributed to this project in a way or another! If you really need to contact the team, feel free to shoot us an email, our contact information is right here : http://www.ihatemountains.com/contact-us/
– The I Hate Mountains Team

#1 2010-06-06 17:36:49

From: Buffalo, NY
Registered: 2010-06-06

Great Job! And Thanks...

First of all, a big THANK YOU to the team for making such an enjoyable L4D campaign.  I had a great time playing it!

This campaign easily stands beside any of Valve's official maps - it positively oozes atmosphere and mood!  It is the most immersive too - Of all the campaigns, this is the one that feels the most like a Zombie movie to me.

For the most part, I didn't have any troubles or encounter any bugs.  A little difficulty near the end of Part 2: Climbing the Manor - at first, I didn't realize that I'd have to go all the way back down to the helipad (and there was a lot of undead to fight through to do so!) but I eventually figured that out.  Worse was the one and only bug I experienced in the entire campaign - I got hung up on the helicopter wreckage and couldn't easily free myself.  So we got pounded until I was able to work myself loose.

For the most part, it was usually clear to see where we had to go, and the occasional uncertainty probably contributed to the mood.  I loved all the graffiti on the walls (though I must have missed the bonus login stuff near the end, guess I'll have to play it again!).

The density of undead encounters was pretty reasonable as well - it sensibly indicated an amount of people who would have been in the area when the outbreak occured.  Sometimes I don't understand maps where we encounter more Infected in a given area than the number of people who would have been present at the busiest time before the Outbreak.  I'm sure a lot of that is up to the AI Director, but it's good to see that the team seems to have scripted these maps so well.

The machine guns were a nice touch but sadly, there was never anything to really use them on - the few times we got rushed by a Horde, it was from behind the guns.  I guess that's why the people who were previously manning them must now be among those Infected. smile

All in all, a great campaign and one that I'm highly recommending to my friends.  Looking forward to see if a L4D2 version is possible, and to more campaigns of this quality in the future!


#2 2010-06-07 15:55:12

Registered: 2010-05-31

Re: Great Job! And Thanks...

+1 I Hate Mountains is GREAT! I'd be more then a little weary/leery of all the egophilic 'My Precious Thoughts' posts -- that just don't get it had I been part of what's so obviously a mountain of work and a labor of love.

Like HeadHunter my I Hate Mountains experience has been seamless and bug-free; and I find the more 'open' non-linear design of I Hate Mountains to encourage exploration, add more of a sense of realism and suspense to the game!

I love I Hate Mountains and consider it more of a spiritual successor or "2" then L4D2 as far expanding on L4D game canon and the real value it brings to L4D -- a very big: THANK YOU!


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#3 2010-06-07 17:05:18

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2010-05-13

Re: Great Job! And Thanks...

You're welcome guys, glad to see you enjoyed it.
It's our own little reward.


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